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The Article Marketing Tip You Need

June 23 3 Comments Category: Article Marketing

I have an article marketing tip for you but first, thank you for taking the time to read this post, part of this affiliate marketing guide. I know how overwhelming the numerous “tips and techniques” you can find online can be. You’re probably wondering why you’re failing at article marketing or are looking for guidelines [...]

1950s Advertising! Looks Familiar, Right?

I’ve found some ads from the fifties and just wanted to share them with you dear marketers. So you think you’re doing something new? You’re obviously wrong. :) We just keep doing the same thing with new tools. Don’t get me wrong, we can change the advertising model, I’m sure of that and kinda work [...]

Find Good Keywords – Secret Good Search Results Theory

June 15 2 Comments Category: SEO

Most articles focus on the monthly search volume on Google when explaining how to find good keywords for article marketing. Sure that matters! But without good search results for a given keyword, you might just be wasting your time. I’m about to reveal to you a secret theory about how to find good keywords based [...]

Emotional Keywords

June 13 0 Comments Category: SEO

Hey, a while ago I wrote a post about a different approach of how to find good keywords. This post is initially part of a blog I have within the Wealthy Affiliate University so if you’re not a wealthy affiliate member you’re not supposed to read this! :) But I just thought it would have [...]