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Let’s Unsubscribe From Internet Marketing Gurus’ Lists!

July 20 8 Comments Category: The Guru Issue

When I started affiliate marketing back in July 2009, I joined the most helpful, supportive, high quality online affiliate marketing university. But bad habits are hard to break and now and then, I was being attracted to shiny objects. Shiny objects are products that make you believe for a split second that success can be [...]

Here’s How Google Works (in detail!)

July 16 0 Comments Category: SEO

Hey! I’ve just received an awesome graph from a top marketer called Jennifer (yes, some girls succeed! lol). It explains in detail how Google works. But, let’s be honest, these guys will never tell us E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how Google works and we, internet marketers, spend hours writing useless and time-wasting posts on forums to debate on [...]

What Is Positive Thinking?

July 04 1 Comment Category: Motivation Shots!

I know many of you now know that one of the keys to success is to have the right mindset which is positive thinking. But what is positive thinking? Will Smith has the answer! (you didn’t expect that, did you?) No matter what you think of Will Smith as an actor (well, I think he’s [...]