Affiliate Marketing Benefits – About Time, Money and Sustainability

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It’s important to know the affiliate marketing benefits before seriously getting started in this business. As you may guess they are numerous. Indeed, affiliate marketing is a very flexible business where you will meet very different people.

Describing the benefits of any online business would not do justice to affiliate marketing because it’s a very unique business in its structure and the freedom its actors benefit from.

To keep it simple and clear, I will point out 3 major aspects where affiliate marketing benefits are obvious:


affiliate marketing opportunity picWhen you start in this business, you want results, you want money but don’t quite understand what truly has value. Indeed, as you move forward and get the whole picture, you understand that your time is the most valuable thing you have as an entrepreneur. And you quickly realize that you can reinvest your earnings to save you time, free yourself even more to generate more money and eventually extract yourself almost completely from your automated business.

Yes, one of the affiliate marketing benefits is its high flexibility and easy managment. Indeed, affiliate marketing is a business of which most of the tasks can be automated and/or outsourced. It’s not a surprise to see that the most successful people in this business are the people who treat this business as what it is, a real business, where smart investments can mean major returns. The ability to juggle and manage your time as pleases you is definitely one of the most important affiliate marketing benefits as you will hopefully see for yourself if you keep working in this business.


money picMoney sound like a pretty obvious affiliate marketing benefit for sure. Still, I want to point out the fact that the earnings and investments can be managed in any possible way. No one today could evaluate what is the minimum investment required in this business simply because there is none required. Some people earn a lot by working a lot and not spending a dime on automated tools or paid advertising while others can make as much money with important investments that give them more free time to expand their business faster.

In both cases, it’s pretty clear that this business is financially ideal because it is totally adaptable and the people in this business have extremely different profiles and backgrounds, from the single mom to the 15-year-old computer genius. I talked about the investments but when it comes to the earnings potential, the sky is the limit. Again, that is one of the most interesting affiliate marketing benefits of all. There are millionaires in this industry. You don’t see them on their yachts on TV or read about them in the newspaper because the internet marketing business, as it has absolutely no roots in the offline business world is still overlooked by many. But once you know the affiliate marketing benefits and see its potential, there is no doubt as to whether this business is a serious business or not. Still, the question of the sustainability has to be addressed.


affiliate marketing opportunity graphAmong the affiliate marketing benefits that we can name, the sustainability of this business is probably the most questioned which is absolutely legitimate. The leap to take when you start generating a steady income from affiliate marketing is of course to become a full time affiliate marketer and quit your day job. Still, many fear that among all the wonderful affiliate marketing benefits, sustainability may be its weakness.

Let me stop you. The fear that affiliate marketing may be instable comes form the fear of its virtual format. Indeed, your website may be hacked, you may lose everything in the click of a mouse but it’s in my opinion an irrational fear as any offline business can go bankrupt or burn or whatever. As for the steadiness of the revenue it can generate, there are 2 main ways to keep it stable and manage to have it under control at all times.

The first strategy is to create a list of subscribers interested in what you have to promote and responsive to your offers. Building a relationship with these subscribers based on trust and quality will give you an ever growing list of repeating buyers. Of course, if you target several niches, you will be able to create several lists. This is a marketing strategy that works in the long run and is purposely made for the long term success of your business.

affiliate marketing opportunity sites pictureThe second strategy is to create several micro-niches sites in order to create a network of revenue streams. Therefore, if one website stops being profitable, the other websites compensate the loss and other websites can be created as the number of niches that can be targeted is literally unlimited. Of course, applying both strategies isn’t excluded!

I hope these affiliate marketing benefits are compelling and show you how different affiliate marketing is from the get-rick-quick schemes that are proliferating online.

Louise M.

Louise M. is a 26-year-old successful affiliate marketer and is specialized in copywriting and SEO. She blogs about affiliate marketing for newbies and believes in a simple, action-taking and anti-information overload approach of this business.

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