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Jaaxy Review – Best Keyword Research Tool?

The answer is YES but let’s write a 1545 word long article to prove it. :) So, I’m obviously claiming that I found the best keyword research tool in the entire universe! Well first of all, it’s very unlikely that other galaxies did actually create keyword research tools so we’re basically down to our planet [...]

Make Money Being An Affiliate: Dos and Don’ts!

March 02 8 Comments Category: Affiliate Marketing

In order to make money being an affiliate, you need to understand some basics and some shortcuts. Indeed, more valuable than your money is your time. I can assure you that many affiliates waste their time doing ineffective actions when they could actually make money being an affiliate now. I want to keep this short [...]

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity – The Easiest One

March 01 6 Comments Category: Affiliate Marketing

Choosing an affiliate marketing opportunity when starting in this business can be a daunting task when you start digging mainly because there are many of them and picking an affiliate marketing opportunity is definitely more easy when you already have a good knowledge of the different aspects of this business. As I assume many of [...]

Affiliate Marketing FAQ For Beginners

February 28 4 Comments Category: Affiliate Marketing

Question: What is Affiliate Marketing? Answer: Affiliate marketing consists of selling products online and earning a commission when doing so. In very simple terms, affiliate marketing involves using the internet to present a product to an audience looking for something. Most of the time, people make a search on a search engine like Google. An [...]