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Jaaxy Review – Best Keyword Research Tool?

The answer is YES but let’s write a 1545 word long article to prove it. :) So, I’m obviously claiming that I found the best keyword research tool in the entire universe! Well first of all, it’s very unlikely that other galaxies did actually create keyword research tools so we’re basically down to our planet [...]

Here’s How Google Works (in detail!)

July 16 0 Comments Category: SEO

Hey! I’ve just received an awesome graph from a top marketer called Jennifer (yes, some girls succeed! lol). It explains in detail how Google works. But, let’s be honest, these guys will never tell us E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how Google works and we, internet marketers, spend hours writing useless and time-wasting posts on forums to debate on [...]

Find Good Keywords – Secret Good Search Results Theory

June 15 2 Comments Category: SEO

Most articles focus on the monthly search volume on Google when explaining how to find good keywords for article marketing. Sure that matters! But without good search results for a given keyword, you might just be wasting your time. I’m about to reveal to you a secret theory about how to find good keywords based [...]

Emotional Keywords

June 13 0 Comments Category: SEO

Hey, a while ago I wrote a post about a different approach of how to find good keywords. This post is initially part of a blog I have within the Wealthy Affiliate University so if you’re not a wealthy affiliate member you’re not supposed to read this! :) But I just thought it would have [...]