Purple Choice?

Thanks for asking! :)

Basically, it’s the mix of 2 concepts that are very important to me and that are somehow the guidelines I follow in my business and in the writing of this blog.

The “Purple” concept comes from Seth Godin’s expression and book “The Purple Cow“. It’s about being different, doing something remarkable, something people want to talk about. As he says, no one really pays attention to cows, they are all alike to us. Now if one is purple, it draws our attention to it!

This website is partly influenced by Seth Godin’s business vision, which means an ethical, caring, not overly promotionnal, high quality, human way to do business. Affiliate marketing is the perfect ground for that kind of mindset. Seth Godin represents my first step into the business world, into my awareness of the possibility for me to start my own business, “for real”. This is the first root of this affiliate marketing guide.


The second root, the “Choice“, is a broader concept which can be summed up in one sentence by Tony Robbins: “Decision is the ultimate power“. Tony Robbins is a self help and inspirational author and speaker as you probably know.

Without motivation and strong belief, you won’t get anywhere. And without decisions, nothing becomes real.

Here’s a quote I like: “Life will pay whatever price you ask of it” ~Tony Robbins