I’m Louise M., a 26-year-old French girl from Paris (suspend your chauvinism for 5 minutes, will you? lol). I’m a blueberry muffin lover and kinda old-fashioned girl, I think.

I started affiliate marketing about 2 years ago and making this choice has been a turning point in my life, no question about it. I’ve learned a lot, made great friends, and succeeded at this! I achieved some goals I had but still have some in store! :)

To me, succeeding is about freedom. It’s getting rid of the so-called “normal” life where working from 9 to 5 to earn peanuts and don’t have time for others sounds ok. I don’t believe in the soundness of this social and economic system. At all. Stepping out of it is the only way to become who we deeply are. And yes, internet marketing is a great way to achieve financial freedom (along with marrying George Clooney or being adopted by Bill Gates… err, no, forget it, it’s called financial dependence!).

I believe in a simple, action-taking and anti-information overload approach of this business.

Sharing my vision of affiliate marketing through The Purple Choice and helping people succeeding is something I enjoy doing. So I hope my website¬†will inspire you, make you create your own luck, succeed in this business and have the life you want. If I can achieve that, I’d be honored.

Because I like you already (hey you clearly showed your interest in knowing me more!), I want to share with you the place where I learned it all!